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February 2021 – Best online film and TV streaming content

February 2021 film and tv streaming content - Judas and the black messiah

By on February 1, 2021

The Best Online Film and TV Streaming Content for February 2021

Get ready for a month of excitement as Snacks Not Included presents our February 2021 film and TV streaming content guide. From exclusive online screenings to thrilling film festivals, we’ve got it all covered. With a wide range of new TV shows and movies, this is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to enjoy some fantastic entertainment from the comfort of their own screens. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a wild ride!


Film festivals and screenings

Bertha DocHouse free screenings – African Apocalypse & Songs of Repression

The Bertha DocHouse is based at the Curzon Bloomsbury and is the UK’s first cinema dedicated solely to documentary and they have gone online whilst cinemas have closed

This month they have 2 quite special free screenings alongside their other amazing content.

4th February they have a screening of Rob Lemkin’s African Apocalypse. The film chronicles a young man’s epic journey from Oxford, England, to Niger on the trail of a colonial killer called Captain Paul Voulet. It’s followed with a Q&A with director, producer & poet Femi Nylander whose journey the film explores.

African Apocalypse

18th February there is a screening of Songs of Repression. The film explores how the residents of the German colony “Villa Baviera” in Chile use different strategies to cope with traumatic years of abuse, religious fanaticism & complicity. The film is followed by a live Q7A with directors Marianne Hougen-Moraga and Estephan Wagner

Both films can be booked a seen at


Glasgow Film Festival

The Glasgow Film Festival is an annual film festival based in Glasgow, Scotland. The festival began in 2005. Normally in the cinemas but in this time of Love and Rona the festival has moved online with his a wide-ranging programme that celebrates every corner of world cinema and provides a fantastic showcase for the best of Scottish film

Highlights include the UK premiere of the acclaimed Minari, The Swordsman, and the Stacey Lee music documentary Underplayed

Minari | Official Trailer HD | A24

24 February – 7 March 2021. Tickets available on


ICA 3 – The World of Wong Kar Wai

Chungking Express
Cinema 3 in the Institute of Contemporary Art’s online streaming platform. This month they have a special retrospective of Wong Kar Wai including seven new 4K restorations. This is the first time many of these films have been available again in many year due to issues with the distributer

Films include Chungking Express, 2046, In the Mood for Love, As Tears Go By, The Hand and Fallen Angels

1st February to 23rd February streaming on


Sundance Film Festival

This is the festival that starts the Oscar buzz for next year. Again due to the current panoramic it has gone online for the first time. There has been plenty of the buzz about the movie CODA

But the section we always look out for is the more cult and horror section. Films like the British horror movie Censor, A Glitch in the Matrix looks like they’ll be goodens. The one everyone is waiting for is the Sion Sono / Nicolas Cage collaboration Prisoners of Ghostland

Prisoners of Ghostland

28 January – 3 February. Tickets available on


Watch Africa Cymru

WATCH-AFRICA CYMRU is Wales’ Annual African Film Festival celebrating the best of African cinema. Launched in 2013, the festival provides a platform for African films, art and culture in Wales. Like the other festivals mentioned its has gone digital giving us access to all their films this month from the comfort of our homes and what’s more – the screenings are free!!!

air conditioner

There are plenty of great movies to watch including the Sam Pollard documentary MLK./FBI; one of my favourite movies of 2020 This is Not Burial, It’s a Resurrection by Lemohang Jermiah Mosese and the amazing magical realist tail from Angola Air Conditioner. Get on it

19th February – 28th February.


TV and steaming content

Now a round up of the TV and films coming to our TV screens in February….


Walter Presents Bullets

Walter Presents always comes with the goods. If Nordic noir and foreign TV series is your thing then his channel for you.


His latest offering is Bullets – a 10-part series is created by Antti Pesonen and Minna Virtanen, and it stars Krista Kosonen, Sibel Kekilli (who you might recognise as Shae from Game of Thrones) and Tommi Korpela.

This award winning series centres around Mari, an ambitious and professional Intelligence officer who goes undercover to befriend an asylum seeker in Finland and who is of great interest to authorities. The refugee in question is Madina Taburova, a former recruiter of suicide bombers and once one of the most wanted terrorists in the world – but now presumed dead. Mari sets out to win Madina’s trust in a mission to uncover why she’s returned from the grave, and what her intentions are in Helsinki.

Streaming on All4


Cant Get You Out of My Head – Adam Curtis

Now is just the right time in this crazy world for a new Adam Curtis documentary.

Adam explores sociology, psychology, philosophy and political history in his unique visual style blending stock images, pop culture and music. His films live Power of Nightmares, The Century of Self and more recently Hypernormalisation are highly lauded.

His new series of films tells the story of how we got to the strange days we are now experiencing. And why both those in power – and we – find it so difficult to move on.

Can’t Get You Out of My Head

The films trace different forces across the world that have led to now, not just in the West, but in China and Russia as well. It covers a wide range – including the strange roots of modern conspiracy theories, the history of China, opium and opioids, the history of Artificial Intelligence, melancholy over the loss of empire and, love and power. And explores whether modern culture, despite its radicalism, is really just part of the new system of power.

Adam Curtis says: “These strange days did not just happen. We – and those in power – created them together.”

Streaming on BBC iPlayer on 11th February



In TV series sequel to Silence of the Lambs follows Clarice 6 months after the events of SOTLs as she returns to the field to pursue serial murderers and sexual predators while navigating the high-stakes political world of Washington, D.C.

YouTube player

I’m still pissed that Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal was cancelled which is one of the best series ever and wonder why this was made rather than bringing it back. But I’ll still give this a try when it drops will report back, but something tells me it wont reach the heights of Hannibal.

Steaming on CBS 11th February / UK release date unknown


The Equalizer

The Equalizer has gone from a TV series to a film and back to a TV series again. At the helm of this one is Queen Latifah, which is a new twist on the character. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the movie and this does not look the best by this but I am such a big fan of the Edward Woodward (RIP) original that I’ll give this a go.

THE EQUALIZER Official Trailer (HD) Queen Latifah

On CBS from 7th February


Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah is an upcoming American biographical drama film directed and produced by Shaka King. The film details the betrayal of Fred Hampton, chairman of the Black Panther Party in the late 1960s, at the hands of William O’Neal. The film stars Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield as Hampton and O’Neal, respectively, with Jesse Plemons, Dominique Fishback, Ashton Sanders, and Martin Sheen also starring.


This film is hotly tipped for Oscar nominations this year. We’ve been looking forward to this since the trailer first dropped.

In cinemas and HBO Max on 12th February in the states / 24th February streaming the UK


The Little Things

Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto star in this crime thriller. The film follows two cops in search for a serial killer who’s terrorising Los Angeles. As they track the culprit, they uncover disturbing secrets that could threaten more than his case.

THE LITTLE THINGS – Official Trailer

It has received some great reviews so far and has drawn many comparisons to movies like Se7en. If this is your vibe jump on it

Streaming on HBO Max now / UK VOD release 12th February


Saint Maud

Ross Glass’ horror debut is one of our top films of 2020 and is finally dropping on DVD and streaming platforms here in the UK as also later this month in the cinemas and streaming in the states.

Saint Maud | Official Trailer HD | A24

The story follows hospice nurse Maud (portrayed by Morfydd Clark), a recent convert to Roman Catholicism, who becomes obsessed with a former dancer in her care (Jennifer Ehle), believing she must save her soul. This movie is a deep one. Get on it.

DVD and streaming from 12th February



This John Singleton (RIP) created series about the rise of crack cocaine in LA in the 80s doesn’t shy away from the involvement of the CIA. The series follows the stories of several characters whose lives are fated to intersect: 20-year-old drug dealer Franklin Saint, Mexican luchador Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata, CIA operative Teddy McDonald, and a Mexican crime boss’s niece, Lucia Villanueva.

Snowfall Trailer  (2017) New FX Series - Season 1

The 4th season is finally coming out and I can’t wait

24th February on FX / BBC release date unknown


Spiral / Engrenages

This French cop drama is in my opinion the best European cop drama out there. It follows the lives of police officers, lawyers, judges and some of the criminals. Centred around Police Captain Laure Berthaud and her team.

Spiral | BBC Trailers

For the past 15 years the show has been killing me and its back for its 8th sesaon.

Streaming on BBC iplayer


That was the Snacks Not Included February 2021 film and tv streaming content guide. We’ll be back next month with more.


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