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Best alternative Christmas movies – part 2

Christmas Bloody Christmas

By on December 16, 2022

Best alternative Christmas movies – part 2

The Snacks Not Included guide to the best alternative Christmas movies has returned!!!! After the first part we’ve decided to update you with another selection of alternative Christmas movies to spice up your holiday season.


Don’t expect Miracle of 34th Street on here. Expect a healthy dose of blood, horror and action with a some alternative Christmas cheer.

So skip the traditional holiday fare and check out our list of the best alternative Christmas movies. You won’t be disappointed!


Batman Returns

Batman Returns (Trailer)

Not only does this Tim Burton sequel take place during Christmas, but Christmas celebrations play a huge part in the narrative of the movie. With Michael Keaton, Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny DeVito its definitely one to catch up on during the holiday season.
Batman Returns


Christmas Bloody Christmas

Christmas Bloody Christmas Exclusive Trailer (2022) Riley Dandy, Abraham Benrubi

In this just released horror available on Shudder. It’s Christmas Eve and Tori just wants to get drunk and party, but when a robotic Santa Claus at a nearby toy store goes haywire and begins a rampant killing spree through her small town, she’s forced into a battle for survival. This film is not for everyone. Directed by Joe Begos its much in the same vein of his previous films Bliss and VFW. If you’re a fan of those films you’ll be into this one.


The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerdead Man Trailer

I warn you – this is one of those bad but good movies. The trailer lets you know how bad its going to be. If these awful but ironically good low budget horror movies are not your bag then avoid this one. An evil yet adorable Gingerbread man comes to life with the soul of a convicted killer, played by Gary Busey – this real life cookie monster wreaks havoc on the girl who sent the killer to the electric chair.


The Green Knight

This is the film that inspired me to do this second list. This David Lowery joint, staring Dev Patel is a fantasy retelling of the medieval story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. It’s not for everyone and its one of the most underrated movies of 2021. Despite it being set at Christmas, it’s not a Christmas movie like we know them today, instead it/s more a medieval Britain & pagan Christmas tale.



Gremlins (1984) Official Trailer #1 - Horror Comedy

Is Gremlins a Christmas movie you ask? Hell yeah it is. Not only is it full of Christmas cheer, its level of horror was the film that basically gave rise to the PG-13 rating in the States after many parents were enraged by its content.


The Last Boy Scout

The Last Boy Scout - Trailer (HD) (1991)

I don’t what it is about Shane Black and Christmas themes, but you can’t talk about Christmas movies without mentioning his name. The ties to Christmas might me a little thinner on this one compared to other Shane Black movies, The Last Boy Scout is a classic action-packed thriller. It’s the perfect blend of holiday cheer and intense action, and a must-watch for any Bruce Willis fan. Rest in peace Tony Scott.


Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon (1987) Official Trailer - Mel Gibson, Danny Glover Action Movie HD

Our second Shane Black outing. If you haven’t seen it in a long time you may be asking yourself is Lethal Weapon really a Christmas movie? Then you have to remember the coke deal in the Christmas tree lot, Gary Busey shooting up a Christmas tree and a whole lot more.



P2 (2007) Theatrical Trailer HD

Its plot follows a young businesswoman who becomes trapped in an underground parking garage in midtown Manhattan on Christmas Eve, where she is pursued by a psychopathic security guard who is obsessed with her. This film was written and produced by Alexandre Aja and Grégory Levasseur creators of French slasher horror hit High Tension aka Switchblade Romance.


Phantom Thread

PHANTOM THREAD - Official Trailer [HD] - In Select Theaters Christmas

We can’t have a movie list without Pistol Rock’s favourite director Paul Thomas Anderson featuring in it. This Christmas based drama romance set in 1950s London, tells the story a renowned dressmaker (played by Daniel Day Lewis) whose fastidious life is disrupted by a young, strong-willed woman, who becomes his muse and lover. Whilst on the surface it sounds like a Christmas romance film, its definitely more like an alternative anti-Christmas movie.
Phantom Thread


Rambo: First Blood

First Blood (1982 Movie) Official 40th Anniversary Trailer - Sylvester Stallone

They say Rambo: First Blood is a nativity play with guns and I agree. Set during the holiday season, a veteran Green Beret is forced by a cruel Sheriff and his deputies to flee into the mountains and wage an escalating one-man war against his pursuers. Also co-written by Sylvester Stallone, First Blood is the first and best of the franchise.



Tangerine - Red Band Trailer

The film that put Sean Baker on the map. Shot completely on iPhone, Tangerine tells the story of a hooker tears through Tinseltown on Christmas Eve searching for the pimp who broke her heart. Whilst there is no snow in the sunny California setting of this comedy drama, it is definitely full of Christmas spirit.


Violent Night

Violent Night - Official Trailer

This great new action comedy stars Stranger Things’ David Harbour as Santa Claus. He gets in the way of a group of mercenaries attacking a wealthy family. Its a whole lot of comedy action fun from the producers of Nobody. It’s out in cinemas now.
Violent Night

That’s all for this year, but the Snacks Not Included guide to alternative Christmas movies will no doubt return again next season. Look out for the podcast episodes officially launching in January.

Merry Christmas

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